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Santa Claus Kids Free Learn to Write Toy or Tool?

Santa Claus gives Kids Free Learn to Write Toy… Or is it a tool? Santa Claus Kids Alphabet practice tool for learning to write works like this. Parents can type in any words they want their kids to learn to write, and a traceable, printable worksheet appears with arrows and dotted lines that  make it fun for children to learn to write perfect alphabet letters and new words in upper case and lower case. Anyone may use this free tool on a personal web page or classroom page. Enjoy! (Kids can make their own Christmas cards for friends and family while they learn valuable skills! Here’s how it looks (Click on image below to get started) : Kids can Learn to Make Christmas Cards by themselves!

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Santa Claus Games Under the Tree and Beyond

Santa Claus Free Games All Year

Every day is Christmas here! Free fun and free flash games, delivered by  Santa Claus!
The best games, not just Christmas Games and Santa Games, but most popular fun games, educational and fun games to share them with your children, family and friends! is not only the place celebrate  on Christmas but a great place for children and families to celebrate life every day! Start playing today, it’s FREE!

Christmas Dinner in Mexico, Familiar Foods with a Spicy Twist

Christmas Eve Salad – featuring special flavors such as bananas, lime, pomegranate

Plenty of fresh Tamales – with pork, chicken, beef or other meats

Chicken Vinaigrette

A special Bacalhau – fragrant fish dish.

Mexican Style Rice

Sweet Potato Turnovers

Mexican Style Hot Chocolate – Spicier than most, sometimes including three types of ground hot peppers to perk it up a notch.

Bizcochitos – again spicier than your average cookies

British Style Christmas Dinner, Not Exactly Thanksgiving

Smoked salmon, served with buttered brown bread and a slice of lemon, or wrapped around some prawns, is a typical festive starter.

Traditionally goose was a major part of Christmas dinner in England. Long ago turkey replaced goose but the British traditional holiday dinner is not the same of Thanksgiving in the United States. A typical fancy menu can include:

  • chipolatas, which are small sausages wrapped in bacon
  • Not necessarily ‘sweet potatoes’, but roasted root vegetables, especially roasted parsnips are included
  • vegetables brussels sprouts, often with chestnuts or bacon or both. Eating Brussels  sprouts in England id like drinking eggnog  for Americans, you have some even if you don’t love it:)
  • bread sauce, made from bread crumbs, milk, cream, onions and seasonings that is maybe an acquired taste to appreciate.

Italian Christmas Day Meal Lasts for Hours

An Italian Christmas Day meal lasts for hours and takes days to prepare. And even though the meals vary with the region, these are some common components. Often opening with antipasti hard salami and Parma ham, and vino. A filled pasta dish, such as agnolotti, ravioli or tortellini or lasagna. The a roast – poultry, or less often pig served with vegetables. On Christmas Italian, who are not usually bid sweet eaters, break the rule and indulge in panettone – a airy,yet rich buttery sponge cake. And as is common in other countries, in some locations pandolce, a very sweet and hearty fruit cake with pine nuts.

Christmas Eve Italian Style

What do they eat in Italy on Christmas Eve and Christmas: Part One

Seven Fishes

Every region of Italy has different favorite dishes, but there are some common points. Seafood is usually a major part of Christmas Eve dinner…

This Christmas Eve tradition features many different fish dishes – often called as the 7-fish dinner (about, depending upon local customs). Dinner usually begins with antipasti (olives, peppers, mozzarella in water, sun-dried tomatoes, bruschetta, etc.). Followed by a main course of baked fish fish very likely the featured some baccala – salted dried cod. Crab, mussels, fried calamari and shrimps are often a part of the meal, found in both hot dishes and cold seafood salads. People in northern Italy eat less seafood on Christmas Eve and often feature a meat-free filled pasta called ravioli di magro or spinach and ricotta ravioli or a unique pumpkin-filled ravioli.

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Santa Likes Free Nusery Rhymes

Santa Claus Likes Free Nusery Rhymes, and so will you. Playlists created by caring parents that organize good quality multimedia for kids to safely view online. We pool together the favorite nursery rhymes, songs, stories, videos, games, animations of caring parents and their kids. They are all screened to make the site a positive experiences with no inappropriate surprises! We are always growing our content to include children music, songs,video,clips,animations,mp3s,favorite songs,favorite videos. Parent and editor selected kids songs,children songs, children’s songs, kids videos, children video, childrens video, children nursery rhymes, children’s poems, children poems, kids sing along, children’s sing along, children’s karaoke, kids karaoke. We play with everything on the site, these songs videos, etc, and test them. We remove anything that shouldn’t be here and add anything we find that should. We are working on a voluntary basis but, time permitting, we will be adding real guitar background tracks for sing-along fun, original songs and our own original videos as well as the videos of other publishers of children multimedia. Your feedback is welcome.

Parent-screened kids songs, videos, stories, clips, animations, mp3s, favorite songs, favorite videos, kids sing-along songs,children karaoke songs. Play children’s songs, kids videos, children video, childrens video, children nursery rhymes, children’s poems, children poems, kids sing along, children’s sing along, children’s karaoke, kids karaokewithout any inappropriate surprises! Children’s Food Topics: Eating healthy for kids.




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