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A Christmas Poem for the Economy: In those years we had it all

In those years we had it all
by John Salerno

The decorations were all fancy.
Christmas trees were grand and tall.
But there was somehow something missing
in those years we had it all.

Families. News. All foreclosed homes.
Banks, name brands close each day.
We all know people out of work
And when will WE be that way?

But when we didn’t have a worry
and bought regardless of the cost,
we gave our lives to making money…
Some special times were lost.

Step back a little from this scene.
View not by days by years
We’ve made it through worse than this before
Came out stronger despite our fears.

And the thing about hard times we miss
During times we have it all:
When we’re out there earning megabucks
We don’t know our kids at all.

No fancy decorations this Christmas.
The tree may be sparse and bland
But it will sparkle like never before
Because I’ll be there to hold your hand!

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