Color a Snowman and Christmas Tree right here with Santa Claus.

Or Download Printable Snowman & Christmas Tree .pdf

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Here’s how to Color a Snowman and Christmas Tree with Santa Claus:

Color the Chritmas Tree or Color the Snowman by “dipping the brush” (clicking on) on the color paint you want to use then click anywhere on the picture and the paint will go on your picture. I suggest you paint the backgrounds first: Pain the trees, the ground, the bigger things, THEN paint the balls on the Christmas tree. It’s more fun that way! But do it your way and enjoy. I (Santa Claus) and the Reindeer, Snowman, Mrs. Claus the Elves, of course, hope you have a Merry Christmas and A Great Year! If you have any suggestions that you would like me to add to the site, email me: Email Santa or if you want to contribute more ideas to this website and have your own pictures and Christmas and Santa Claus design be a part of, please visit our Santa Claus News page, where there are many ways to become a part of what’s on!