Happy Hanukkah from celebrates Hanukkah! Hanukkah is just one of many ways families enjoy celebrating holidays according to their beliefs and traditions. Lot and lots of our friends don’t celebrate Christmas, but do celebrate in so many other diverse ways. Not for everyone, but more and more today, Santa and Christmas has become more of a folk holiday than a religious holiday. And, here on planet Earth,  Hanukkah, each year, we celebrate pretty much around the same time we celebrate Christmas and New Years. This year is totally cool, because because Hanukkah started and ended at exactly the same time that Christmas blended into the New Year.

Our most important celebration that we have on earth is the celebration of a safe and peaceful world for our kids. So whether we light our menorahs or put up Christmas lights, let’s work together to teach our children to respect all life on earth, celebrate the beauty of the earth’s diversity, and take care of this place where all our children need to live!