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Santa Claus Gift Mall – Who knows gifts better than Santa Claus? Santa Claus Christmas Blog Santa Claus Gift Registry and Making a Christmas List Santa Claus Surfing Animation Free Santa Claus Games: g3-jumping-snowman-ski-challenge2
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Santa Claus Gift Mall – Who knows gifts better than Santa Claus? Santa Claus Christmas Blog Santa Claus Gift Registry and Making a Christmas Wish Santa Claus Surfing Animation
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Christmas Website for Kids and Families – Chat with Santa below and send Santa. Tell Santa what you want for Christmas!


Chat Santa your Christmas List, now!

(Button below…) Or, leave Santa Claus your wish list message and Santa will send you a beautiful, printable copy of your wishlist (free)…

This is Santa. Now you can tell me, Santa Claus, what you want for Christmas, yourself! After you chat your wish list, Santa will email you a beautifyl copy of your wish list… (It’s free, of course… It’s a gift from Santa!) You must be over 13-years-old to chat with Santa or have a parent or guardian helping you. Please review’s privacy policy here.

This is where you will find the perfect gift to give to the people you love the most! The Santa Claus Christmas Website for Kids and Families was established in 1996. From the start, our goal has been to make a winter holiday website for ALL people, races, colors, genders, creeds, and religions. Santa celebrates the world’s most precious gift: CHILDREN! Christmas is when we give gifts to our “gifts”: Our Children. That’s the most valuable present in this Santa’s bag!

Christmas has many translations around the world, but it always celebrates the world’s love for children. Some call it Hanukkah, St. Lucia Day, Kwanza, Luna New Year, Spring Festival, and many more.

As the world gets smaller, the face of Santa changes, like today’s Internet, the face of Santa changes in the eyes of the beholder. Black, yellow, white, red, green, male, female and everything in between. If it embodies the spirit of giving the gift of a healthy, peaceful world to all the children of the world, then that’s what we call Santa Claus. There is nothing is more real or more needed on this planet today! We hope to help our visitors a little bit to discover the perfect Christmas present for your children and loved ones!

Santa Claus, Christmas and Universal Winter Holiday Virtual Playground for kids of all ages: 1 -92!

Santa Claus Gift Registry

Make a Christmas List, (Or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, Birthday, etc., of course, too) and automatically share and update your Christmas wish list with friends and relatives. Come back, anytime, and add gifts, change it as you like. Start your list NOW!

Free Games

Santa and his elves are busy each day making new free games that you can play any time on any device! Not to mentions thousands of classic Free Santa Claus Christmas Games we’ve been offering year-round for decades! Everyone knows Santa is an expert at delivering games FAST! Let the playing begin!

Original Santa Claus Christmas Song Search

Discover new and never-before-heard original Christmas songs and some of today’s most talented songwriters!
List and review… Or, SUBMIT YOUR OWN ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS SONG! Have fun and don’t forget to VOTE!


Santa Claus Christmas Toy review gets millions of visits each year! We know kids want for Christmas. Toys, games, movies, music, etc… Having it all under one roof makes it easier to compare, research, and make wiser buying choices!  CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS! Send us your own!

Original Lego Creation Showcase

Let you in on a secret: (Shhhh!) Santa plays with Legos, too! Of course, just for testing purposes! But, he discovered, he is powerful guy, not the very best on planet earth at absolutely everything… Making original LEGO stuff is definitely kid territory! Upload pictures of your original Lego masterpieces. No entry limit!   START BUILDING!

Santa Claus Christmas Animation

Animated Santa Clauses have been our specialty since 1996! On, we deliver new animations: interactive, responsive and easy to view, as well as our legacy collection of classic animated elves at work, flying reindeer, Rudolph, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus (who often runs the show these days, but don’t tell Santa.) Enjoy the show!

Santa Claus Christmas Blog

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