Free Santa Claus Games 2017

Better Free Santa Games for Christmas’s Newest Games Play on Smartphones!

  • Christmas Games you can play on Smartphones!
  • Christmas Games you can play on your iPhone!
  • Free Santa Games you can play on your tablet — without FLASH! Have fun!


Snow People Get A Head

Snow People need to GET A HEAD and only you can help. This game is like 10-games in ONE! Each level is completely unique and there are many ways to solve the challenge! PLAY GAME NOW!


Help Santa Load His Sleigh Game

Santa needs YOUR help! You can get lots and lots of presents ready to load onto the sleigh. But it gets harder as you move up…  Help Santa Load Sleigh NOW!


Jumping Snowman Ski Challenge Game

There aren’t too many fun ski games, This snowman can really jump AND ski! And, on ANY DEVICE! ! Have fun and don’t forget to WATCH OUT FOR ONSTACLES!

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