Got milk? These are one of many flavors my mom used to bake as Christmas neared. Lots of almonds!

Italian Almond Cookies

What are biscotti?

I grew up with biscotti, a traditional Italian family part of every Christmas. Classic biscotti cookies are dry, crisp, and chrunchy, perfect for dunking in hot coffee or tea. In recent years, like so many other things, biscotti are dipped in melted chocolate, but great biscotti don’t need dipping to be magical!

Biscotti need to be baked twice, (Like Chinese twice-cooked pork…) That gives them their special dry, crumby texture. It’s the baking, slicing, and then baking again that gives biscotti their shape, crunch, and appeal.

There are billions of great recipes for biscotti. My family’s recipes utilize the ultra-scientific measuring precision of the “pinch-of” strategy! Endless delicious variations of the classic were unavoidable in my family since the details of each batch relied on the spirit of the chef! How much vanilla, anise and almond-extract; more or less butter and sugar, they are adjusted to meet today’s healthy-cookie standards. But one thing remains: YUM!

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