Santa Updates Christmas-List Technology –2020

Writing a Christmas List the old way was fine. But now we have another option:)

Santa Claus presents: (Did you say “Presents? I want some!) The newly redesigned Santa Claus Gift Registry 25th anniversary version.  Tradition is a wonderful thing. But there’s nothing wrong with a little refurbishing to inject some user-friendliness into the paper and crayon method. Here are some perks to look for in the new Gift Registry:

It works on any device! Take your wish list to the store, Kids can make their wish list in the car.

Create a Wish List and automatically email it to friends, relatives and Santa, of course!

It’s responsive… That’s more than I can say for some of us when the light turns green:) But that means that all of the different devices we have collected over the years will still be able to use the new Gift Registry!

Here is how it works:

First you register… Here’s the link: Santa Claus Gift Registry on

Then you login: Login to your wish list here. That is when the fun begins! You can enter wish list items one at a time. As many as you’d like. and edit and change your list anytime and any place!

Of course Santa Claus gets a copy! But that’s not all! You can enter the names and email addresses of all the friends and relatives you wish to share your list with, and it magically reaches them at the speed of reindeer! Each recipient is sent an invitation to check out your list.

You can edit your list any time! Add gifts. Delete gifts. And a new recipient. It’s easy!

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